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Bo Pelini Has a Message For Your Mother

I know that I am preaching to the Peliniacs here when I say that everyone should love, respect, and mostly fear Bo Pelini. Everyone who reads this site, writes for this site, or has heard the words wastedoptimism shouted at the moment of climax understands the shear size and force of the man's testicles alone. We all admire Bo Pelini.

Well I am here today to tell you that if any of you aren't following @BoPelini, you should be (obviously). And once you are a Pelini follower, you can not just read his tweets as if they are normal words. All his tweets must be read in Bo's trademark "Fuck You" tone of voice. So take for example his tweet from today (top of this post). If your sister tweets this than it reads like a sweet message for all the Moms out there. But when you read it in Bo Pelini's "Fuck You" tone, you immediately (acting on pure instinct and fear) call your Mother and tell her to find a spot to hide.

"Try the pantry Mom.... or go to Aunt Rose's house. Just get disappeared! Bo Pelini is speaking of you!"

Basically the tweet could have read: "To all the moms out there, fuck right off." and it would have had the exact same impact and meaning as the actual tweet. That is the power of the Man's words. Follow him.

(ps... if the term "Peliniacs" doesn't catch on...I am quitting the internet.)