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Proudest Moments as a Cowboy: #1

Welcome to part 1 of my new series "Proudest Moments as a Cowboy". I should clarify that this feature isn't meant for moments where I was proud of a particular team, or happy about an accomplishment, or anything internal like that. This feature is intended to highlight those times when somehow Oklahoma State was being represented on a national stage, and ended up being represented so perfectly that you were picturing viewers around the country saying to themselves "Well if that's what goes on at Oklahoma State, it must be a pretty great place." These are the times when for the few hours/days/weeks directly after the event you can't wait to tell people in far away places that you attend(ed) Oklahoma State as you know that there currently is a positive buzz associated with that status.

I only plan to highlight one event at a time (it's a long summer) and these are in no particular ranking order (the number just represents the order I am doing these in).

Proudest Moment as a Cowboy: #1: Miss USA Pageant 2010

For those that missed the pageant last night (some of you were instead watching your local NBC weatherperson stand in front of a map), you missed one hell of a moment that left us all feeling proud to be cowboys. A quick overview/recap: Morgan Woolard, Miss Oklahoma and current student at OSU majoring in Sports Media, took 2nd place as she barely lost out to Miss Michigan (effing Big 10). While finishing 2nd is nice, it is nothing new for Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State students, to do well in beauty pageants. This isn't what made us all so so proud. What made us proud was the swimsuit competition.

Before I get into the swimsuit competition, let's get this statement out of the way: All the contestants are hott. Like super hot. (In that beauty pageant way) Unbelievably toned, freakishly perfect bone structures, they all have it. So what set Miss Oklahoma apart and made us all so so proud to be Cowboys was not that she was better looking than her competitors. Again... they are all attractive. Here is what set her apart..

So the top 10 (or however many are left for the swimsuit part) come out one at a time for their turn on the catwalk in their swimsuit. They all look fantastic of course, but there are 2 things that clearly separated Miss Oklahoma from her competition. While the other girls all had similar builds and were all equally pretty, OSU Student/Miss Oklahoma was far and away superior in the same way that Christina Hendricks is superior to every other actress. (Miss Oklahoma has wonderful t's is what I'm saying here). And I don't mean that she is just like, a little better in this department. She is the clear cut #1. Here was every viewers reaction to each contestant as they walked out in their swimsuit:

"Miss Nebraska is nice"

"Oh.. look at Virginia...wouldn't mind some of that... am I right Bro-heims?" (people talk like this)

"Wow... these girls are all pretty great to look at"


It was that striking of a difference. Even Mrs. Sam Bryant voiced her approval (her approval sounded something like.. "Those are too big for her frame... and obviously fake").

For whatever reason they don't release any images from the competition but here is the link to a bunch of the pics from the official Miss USA site. And here is a pic of Morgan to give you an idea of what we are dealing with here.

We are dealing with this!

So thank you Morgan's breasts for making us all proud to be Cowboys. You guys are an inspiration to us all.