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Brandon Weeden = 11th Best QB in the Nation

"Even I don't believe this headline."

According to the latest college fantasy football rankings Brandon Weeden is projected to be the 11th best QB for fantasy purposes. (But you already knew this right.. you posted the link to the message board of your college fantasy football league's home page right after you posted some trash talk about how "Team Douchers" is goin' down real hard.)

While this ranking is mostly a reflection on Dana Holgorsen and not Weeden (Case Keenum only had roughly 9,000 passing yards last year), Brandon should still be milking this for all it's worth right?. Maybe get some shirts made or print up some business cards?

At any rate, I'm sure a MAN as MATURE as Brandon is taking it all in stride. I'm sure him and his long-time friends will all have a good chuckle about it at the Memorial Day BBQ this weekend when they are on the back porch drinking brandy and smoking cigars while the wives are inside gossiping and the kids and grandkids are playing in the upstairs playroom. I'm sure Brandon will find a way to work it into the conversation right after his younger brother regales the group with tales of his drive to work, and his 401k, and having a prostate exam. (You get it... Brandon is old.)

(On a completely unrelated (according to Weeden) note: The Sporting News ranks Dana Holgorsen as the 7th best OC in college football.)