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I Hate to Have to Post This but...

...I guess I HAVE to. I mean what's worse than some blogger-type letting you know their schedule? You are all like, "Look, we don't care about your blogger guy blog-schedule... we are busy doing all the things that constitute living our normal lives like taking out the trash, raising our kids, and having internal debates as to whether or not we could get away with cheating on our significant others with that new hoss in accounting. We don't have any interest in your blog schedule."

I know everyone is thinking this, and that is why I feel so horrible about posting a posting schedule, but sometimes you just have to Let'er Rip.

What I am clumsily trying to say here is that I will be out of town this week and probably won't be posting while I'm gone. The reason I feel the need to state this is that I know you all have witnessed the WO recurring cycle (a bunch of posts for a couple months, then a few that have zero thought put into them, then just some porn links, then no posts for 8 months, then we start it over again) and I don't want all (both) of our readers to think we are shutting down. We are just going on vacation....maybe to Nebraska to "interview" some female fans.

I will blog you a postcard when I get blog.