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Welcome to the PAC-10?

I think it is pretty obvious that the conference hot girl rankings will have to be revised.

I've been holding off on writing anything else about conference re-alignment while there were still so many unsubstantiated rumors swirling, and the conferences and teams were all denying any talks about re-alignment, but now that we have some confirmation from the PAC-10, and a move is looking possible, I think we are OK to discuss this.

My quick take: If this OSU, OU, TX, A&M, Tech, Colo/Baylor, Zona, ASU become the PAC-10 East scenario were to actually happen, as an Oklahoma State and Big 12 south fan, I can't find much of a downside. OSU (or any of the moving schools) would have roughly the same football divisional schedule (with some AZ mixed in), but instead of traveling to Nebraska, Kansas, or Iowa a couple times a year it would be to Cali, Oregon, or Washington. I also like that OSU would be a conference leading basketball program. While I would love the decreasingly likely scenario of the BIG XII staying intact or expanding, if it isn't to be then outside of some additional travel miles for road games, I can't find much I don't like about this PAC-10 move.

I know there are about a thousand other things to consider with this potential move, but as I'm sure this will be the first of a hundred posts on this subject I'm keeping this one brief and hoping to get some feedback as to everyone else's initial feelings on this.