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Pasted Optimism (pun alert): 6/08/2010

I hate explaining the goings on here so I guess I will explain the goings on here. This is a new feature to wastedoptimism and I wanted to take a paragraph to introduce you to it (so formal right?). Basically we want to post OSU, Big XII, and National news, but don't want to clutter the site all up with a bunch of two sentence newsy posts burying the actual posts that have time put into them. The solution is that we will periodically post a Pasted Optimism (punny) that is just a quick hit of pasted links, one or two sentence descriptions, and other short writeups that may be continually updated throughout the day. This may end up being a daily feature but for now we will just throw them up when we have a few stories to share. This way you can just look for these Pasted Optimisms when you want news type stuff, and will be able to more easily find, and "enjoy", our normal "writings". This is the end of the explanation paragraph... now wipe the boredom off the screen and read the actual copied and pasted links.

Well written article by Clark Mathews at TLO yesterday about what else, conference realignment. I'm glad he wrote it so I didn't have to. (mine would have been been sexier though)

ESPN article detailing Kansas chancellor begging Nebraska to stay in Big 12. My favorite part of this is that the main page link to it said "KU asks Nebraska to Stay".... I assume they meant to add "for the kids sake" to end the sentence.

O-State QB commitment J.W. Walsh loves the potential PAC-10 move. I'm not sure if he is overly enthusiastic, or 11 years old, but with quotes like:
"At first it made me mad, because I didn’t think I’d get to play against Oklahoma and Texas, our big rivals," he said. "Then my dad told they were moving the Big 12 South and I was like let’s do it."
I am leaning toward him being 11 years old... and as you know, this is a site that does not tolerate immaturity as is detailed in my next post: "Farting and Boobies and Texting and Parents Suck!".

I commented on this yesterday but seriously guys... Oklahoma State has a golfer named Trent Whitekiller!!!! Sadly he has just finished his senior season. Not writing about him for the past 4 years will go down as one of my two biggest regrets....the other regret being that I am not named Whitekiller. (weird that all my regrets revolve around the name Whitekiller)