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A wastedoptimism Farewell to Nebraska

It is assumed that at around 1:00 today, the University of Nebraska will be announcing that they are leaving the Big XII conference for the Big-10 (the fucking Big-10!) and effectively putting an end to the Big XII as we know it. While everyone associated with the Big XII will miss so many things about Nebraska (the paleness, the heftyness, the disillusioned belief that their football program is as big as Texas', the unexpectedly high number of hot girls, etc), perhaps no one will miss Nebraska as much as us here at wastedoptimism (NO ONE!).

You see, in spite of this being mostly an Oklahoma State site, the school we have wrote about the most here, that is not OSU, is not one of our chief rivals, but it is Nebraska. The reasons for this are that they are easy to make fun of, that they should be made fun of, and a crippling fear of Bo Pelini scream-choking, or testicle-crushing, us to death. In fact, the Number 1 search term that has lead people to this website is "Nebraska Football" (I swear to blog). Incidentally, Number 2 is "samuel+bryant+sexdream" and Number 3 is "cincyjoe+sister+nudes".

So I just wanted to take a minute here and formally say (audibly): "Farewell Nebraska... I wish you all the luck in dealing with the worst fans of the worst athletic programs in the worst conference in the worst part of the worst country." (I may have gone one level too deep there)

Click the jump to see what we will miss most about Nebraska (kinda NSFW):

Each image size represents how much we will miss it.