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Pasted Optimism (pun alert): 6/11/2010

Pasted Optimism is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku. Click here to view all.

Conference realignment is obviously the theme here.

TMZ says OSU will be the next school to announce they are leaving for the Pac-10/11/16.

NewsOK counters by saying: "Aw hell no!" They report that university officials deny talking to the Pac-10/11/16 about joining up.

And finally, a Kansas City TV station apparently decided to just write SEC, Big-10, and Pac-10 on scraps of paper, put those scraps of paper in a hat, draw out of that hat one time each for OSU, OU, TX, and A&M, and report whatever conference scrap of paper that was drawn for each school as real news.

TW article highlighting Gundy and Ford's reactions to the potential Pac-10 move. Am only linking this because I love this quote by Ford: "I don't know the ins and outs and everything, but if it's not broke, don't fix it," Ford said. "We had the No. 1 basketball league in the country last year."

Best moments of Big 12 football on TLO. Great article. Actually left me feeling a little nostalgic. (is what a pussy would say)

So today is a big losing your wastedoptimism virginity* big. The Colorado announcement was not the first domino. Colorado cannot take down the Big XII...they can be replaced by any of the mountain schools (Utah, BYU, Air Force, Colorado State). Nebraska is potentially the first domino. There is no replacing Nebraska unless the Big XII can pull a school from another major conference and that just doesn't seem feasible. So our fate rests in the pale hands of the Cornhuskers. This afternoon we will find out if Ivory Nation will be packing Bo Pelini's balls into a rented Uhaul and heading north to somehow even paler pastures, thus setting off the chain reaction. Unfortunately for you, the entire WO staff will be on the road and thus unable to keep everyone updated, so you will have to use a different source to get your up-to-the-minute sports information. AKA.. the way you always get your sports information.

wastedoptimism virgin - n - Commonly believed to refer to those that have never read wastedoptimism, but in reality applies to a much smaller group of people that have never had the pleasure of a 4-way at the WO offices.