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Pasted Optimism: 6/14/2010

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Apparently, the University of Missouri's school of gigantic balls is now running the show there. According to the latest statements by Missouri officials, they are really sorry about the stuff they said earlier, but you know how Missouri gets when Missouri they are committed to making things right with the Big XII.

The move to the Pac-10 has progressed from longshot, to possible, to maybe sometime down the road, to likely, and now to imminent.

Just so that everyone is clear on where Texas is headed. These are the top headlines in the ESPN college football headlines list.

Herschel Sims is not sure he wants to play in the Pac-10. I know that this has evolved into something that is insanely complicated and layered, but if we broke it down to something more simple, isn't it odd that the Pac-10 is cherry picking from a more powerful conference? Here is the revenue by school that I posted a month or so ago in this post. The thing that sticks out to me is that the Pac-10 does not have a school in the top 10 while the Big XII has the #1 overall team, Texas. Pac-10 has one school in the top 20 (USC is #14), while the Big XII has five (UT, OU, NU, A&M, KU). Pac-10 has six schools in the top 50 (USC #14, Stanford #21, Cal #26, Washington #31, Oregon #39, ASU #40), while Big XII has nine (UT #1, OU #16, NU #18, A&M #19, KU #20, OSU #23, Missou #43, Tech #46, Colo #47).

I know there is a lot more to consider than just revenue, but I feel like if you had to pick one factor to base a schools value on I would think revenue would be it. So the Big XII is/was more profitable than the Pac-10, it is/was more prestigious of a conference to recruits like Herschel Sims, and it is/was ranked as the more powerful conference most years. This is like the Tri-Lambs pulling Stan Gable and four other top Alpha Betas, and yet we are all resigned to it. Don't get me wrong, I see the value in joining the Pac-10, but what I am saying is, I would see the value in the Big XII acquiring the Arizona schools and two of the Cal schools as well. So there really is no point to make here, I am just doing some general bitching that the Big XII is made to look like the inferior conference in spite of winning more, bringing in more money per school, and being perceived as more prestigious by some recruits. -Sam