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Samuel Bryant to Oklahoma State, "I can be your Chip Brown"

Let me work for will only slightly regret it

In the wake of the Longhorn athletic program getting everything it originally wanted with a lot of help from some timely reporting of pivotal developments by Chip Brown at, I figure the model has been proven, and I should throw my hat into the ring.

"Oklahoma State, I want to be your Chip Brown."

Mr. Hargis, Mr. Holder, Mr Pickens, all you need to do is provide me an anonymous, but credible, university source and I will leak to our eight readers the world any bit of information you feel may help OSU's standing in this new landscape of college athletics. How would you like to visit and see some of these headlines?

"Source says Okie State could secure exclusive TV deal by end of week"

"Ok-State website reports that Pac-10 offer still being considered"

"Wastedoptimism reporting that Ok-State will not play in a conference without a championship game"

"Source tells local blog that OSU officials slayed all the vag at the Big XII meetings"

That last one doesn't even gain the university anything, but I am just trying to show you that if you utilize the power of the blog, even a story like that can get out into the open. And couldn't hurt for everyone to think that you slayed the vag, right?

So please consider using us, and specifically me, Samuel Bryant (the rest of the writers here will stab you in the back (see how easy it is for me to write anything and have you believe it?! Effectiveness proven.)), as the mouthpiece for any rumor you feel will help your situation. I feel that my lack of journalistic standards, my proven ability to create four sample headlines, and the extensive reach of this website, could provide the perfect tool to improve Oklahoma State's standing in the still unsettled new Big XII.

p.s. In the interest of secrecy I will assume that no answer means you want me to move forward, so unless I hear different, "Website reports that Texas offers $5 million a year to OSU to stay in Big XII" gets leaked in four hours.