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Overheard - Mind-Reading a UT Fan

Hey! Rest of the Big 12! Check this shit out. Know what it is? That's right. I'm wearing a Longhorn logo on my golf shirt. In fact I just got this shirt from the Coop. In Dallas Bitches. How many Baylor Coops do you see in Dallas? That's right. I don't even think Dillards carries you losers anymore.

You know what this logo is? It's a VIP pass sucker. This white stitched BEVO on my dry-fit is going to get me more drinks and hot snatch in one weekend than most Tech d-bags see in a whole year. You boys better just bow down next time you see me in Gordon Biersch. I'm going to be crushing Red Bulls faster than Sergio Kindle crushed quarterbacks.

Personally, I think the Longhorns should have just started their own conference. Call it the Big One. You know like "I've got a big one." That would be awesome. I know I'd pay an extra 10 bucks to Time Warner to see old Ricky Williams clips 24/7. Anyway, Longhorn sports. Longhorn network. Mack, Deloss and Coach Boom Forever and Don Beebe is our bitch! Peace out to the rest of you a-holes.

Enjoy losing next year.