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Arnaud voted "pretty good" by WO staff

In what can only be seen as a massive shot in the arm for the program, Iowa State's Austin Arnaud has been voted one of the "pretty good" Big 12 quarterbacks for the 2010 season by the Wasted Optimism staff.

As four of the only followers we could findof Iowa State Football, WO staff members searched the internet and local library databases looking for stats on Arnaud for most of the off season months. Based largely upon a 2008 Iowa State student phone listing and what we think is a high school yearbook photo, we feel more than comfortable in saying that Arnaud will be a powerful and dynamic option under center for the Cyclones.

Along with tailback Alexander Robinson who we don't think has graduated yet and kicker Grant Mahoney, Jr. the Cyclones should in fact be poised to repeat as one of the most irrelevant Division I football programs in the nation. Coach Rhodes has to like his chances for another bowl shot against Minnesota and those home games against Northern Illinois and Northern Iowa should be more than enough prep for the late season road trip games in Norman and Austin. Go Cyclones!

Arnaud or someone who looks kind of like him