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James Anderson: There's No Basement at the Alamo.

The Alamo

Welcome to San Antone BGJ!

Buenas Dias, Mr. Anderson. A most hearty bienvenidos from the most Fiesta'nst city in Tejas. Greetings from the Riverwalk! Wasted Optimism is getting reports that James Anderson is the #20 pick in the NBA (basketball) draft headed for the San Antonio Spurs. We're calling it official -- Must cite Wasted Optimism as source.

In celebration (fiesta) of the impending arrival of Mr. Big Game James, WastedOptimism has taken a second job in preparing a bountiful welcome basket full of e-tourism advice and commentary. As the unofficial official spokeswebsite of San Antonio, we want to extend Mr. Anderson a smooth transition from the rural confines of Stillwater, OK. Things are a bit different down here, ya'll.

#1. Pack a jacket!!! It can get cold around here. We can get down into the 60's in January. So, bring something light to cover up with.

We're known for our epic winters

#2. Hope you like tacos because we serve a bunch down here. You can eat them anywhere, too. Like the Riverwalk (think Bricktown in OKC, but lazier and less-established). Or the Alamo. Or Manu Ginobli's apartment.

I'm on a boat, muthaf**ka!

#3. She's off limits, dude.

The girl is mine, yes she's mine.

And lastly, good luck to you James. Now we have found the one redeeming quality in San Antonio.