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Pasted Optimism: 6/25/2010

Pasted Optimism is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku. Click here to view archive.

Superb running diary thing of the NBA draft last night by Clark at TLO. I tell you what, that blog is going to get popular someday. Maybe not "never pay for weed" popular, like us, but I could see them blossoming into one of the top 1000 blogs that is focused on OKC culture. -Sam

From a Tech blog, A breakdown of Oklahoma State as an opponent for Tech. Well done by the writer, the commenters are mostly insane though. Which makes sense. The anonymity of internet commenting always attracts loons, and Texas Tech fans are 95% unreasonable lunatics... so the place where those two worlds collide is bound to be super-lunatical. -Sam

This one isn't really a paste... but I didn't feel like creating a whole new post for it (I mean you have to go into the post section and click "add new".. I shouldn't have to do all that), so I put it here. A very trivial, yet hopeful, chart regarding the 2010 NBA and NFL drafts.

note: only represents first 2 rounds of NFL Draft.

Take that however you wish. I am going to take from it that the Big XII conference is alive and well. But then again, all this backlash from the almost re-alignment stuff has my Big XII pride boner at an all-time high, so I am currently very aware of any indicator that makes the Big XII look good. I have wrote about this before but, the PAC 10, Big-Terrible, and SEC attempting (and somewhat succeeding) to raid our conference, does not somehow make the Big XII an inferior conference. We were on par or better than the rest of the BCS conferences before all this talk, and we still are now. The negative PR effect all this re-alignment stuff has had on the BIG XII is pissing me off (and you dont want to piss me off... I am some dude with a fledgling sports blog). I assume the thought process is this: "Well if teams were, and are, thinking about leaving the conference, it must be a bad conference". Somewhere along the lines, the motives of the Big Ten network, and the SEC and Pac-10's TV deals, wanting to expand to more markets got all tied into which teams and conferences are good and bad. Expansion was about money, not talent. The Big XII was, and is, an elite conference...quit insinuating that it isn't... Ok, straw man? -Sam