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Thanks To Obi Muonelo, I Will Never See The World The Same Way

Obi knows better than to wear orange on orange

Forgive me for being late with this... but we weren't really writing much in February, and I live in OKC, thus I was not religiously following the Tulsa World as I do now. So even though this article was written four months ago, and was probably linked and tweeted by all the Obi Muonelo themed blogs back then, I feel we need to share it now in order to keep our standing in the internet community.

The basic flow of the linked article goes:
Obi plays basketball - Obi is an individual - Obi is weird - people like that Obi is weird - Obi loves fashion - Obi is weird - Obi is a fashion major - Obi hopes to design his own fashion line one day - Obi is weird.

All in all, it is a very interesting article about what an eccentric Obi is, but the real highlight is this mind-blowing quote:
Said roommate Keiton Page, "I have been sitting on the couch around midnight and he comes out and shows me what he is going to wear the next day and wants me to take pictures of it. We have had little photo shoots in the apartment of him thinking he is Mr. Fashion."

Did you read that? Can you even make sense of the words that came out of Keiton Page's mouth? Now that you have read it, and realize that you can never un-read it, can you ever remember what the world was like before you knew that Keiton Page and Obi Muonelo HAD MIDNIGHT FASHION SHOWS IN THEIR APARTMENT? OK... let's calm down, take a breath, and try to to remember a time before we knew this information. Let's attempt to put our minds back into that more innocent time shall we?.... a time when oil wasn't spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, the Big XII had 12 schools, Team USA was still alive in the World Cup, and Keiton Page was not taking pictures of Obi Muonelo prancing around an apartment in different outfits. Can you remember this innocent age? Well I hope you can because I sure as hell can't. The way I view the world is forever changed now that I know that Obi Muonelo used to pose... fucking pose... while wearing bizarre clothes... and would ask his roommate, Keiton Page, to please take some pictures of this. This needs to be permanently captured on a sd card.

Well we are here now, in this new world. The old world ain't comin back. From now on, everything that happens to you will happen in a world where you are very aware of the fact that Keiton Page and Obi Muonelo had midnight fashion shoots. God help us all as we bravely move on with our lives.