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Wasted Optimism Gets Political

So we are wanting to branch out into covering issues besides conference expansion, how lame other fans are, and semi-nude college girls (because we have already mastered those subjects). So I want this post to signify our foray into the world of Oklahoma politics. We are a grown up site now loyal readers. Get used to it.

Image courtesy of my phone while I was driving yesterday

Now I don't know anything about Harry Johnson as a candidate or as a person. But I do have one question for Harry Johnson:

"Harry Johnson... are you not aware that there is an internet full of miserable, immature, hell raisers that will jump all over shit like this? Could you not go by Harold or something?"

Since we are now a professional, mature site, we are above the immature behavior that immediately jumps to mind when you see a billboard with the name Harry Johnson on it and circle around and take a pic with your phone and upload it to your a website... so we will stay out of this. However, we are curious what the billboard's of his competition, Anita Dick and Rod Rider, look like.

Shit... I just couldn't let it go could I?... couldn't be the bigger blog. Ok.. I guess our tenure as a political site is we may try giving some advice on stocks and bonds and those 401k things.

[Breaking News Update] Correspondent Ricky Tornado submits this Pulitzer Prize for Photography and Immaturity:

Hey Sam, what's for lunch?