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Pasted Optimism: 7/21/2010

Pasted Optimism is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku. Click here to view archive.

ESPN's Images of the Decade montage. (I am having issues embedding it for some reason.. will someone call YouTube for me?) I count three O-State sightings in there. The Bradford helicopter touchdown, the VY run, and of course... the rant. Ya... none of them are overly positive.

Cowboy Fan Appreciation Day is August 8th at GIA. The football and soccer teams will be available for autographs and pats on the back. Wait.. Soccer Team? Who would want to...

oh ya... I do want to meet them!

ESPN has an update from the Elite 11 that includes a breakdown of JW Walsh. Unfortunately is isn't full of the usual JW quotes... still an OK read.

Colt McCoy gets serenaded by BFF Jordan Shipley at his wedding and we could do a 2,000 word article on this. But instead, we'll just say congrats to the newlyweds, and what a beautiful bride/beard she must be.

Bo Pelini football camp only has a few spots left.
"Football 202 is a great opportunity for Nebraska fans to get an inside look into our football program," Pelini said. "We let people go behind the scenes a little bit with our staff, and hopefully they leave with a better understanding of how Nebraska football operates on a daily basis."
We assume that Pelini went on to say, "Also consider that if you sign up you are probably going to hear the word fuck a lot," Pelini probably continued, "And if you are in my way, or say anything stupid, you may get screamed at, choked, or scream-choked... ya, probably scream-choked."