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Pasted Optimism: 7/23/2010

Pasted Optimism is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku. Click here to view archive.

AP reporting that Dez agrees to a deal with the Cowboys. Details are not available, but I bet it is enough to put in his own pilates studio so he doesn't have to go to Deion's house anymore.

Not to be outdone, Z-Rob signs with the Pats. No word as to whether Zac celebrated with a blond, two spinners, Gisele, or something he would actually consider exotic.

Ex-Cowboy Coach Jimmy Johnson will be a contestant on Survivor. I heard Pat Jones on the Animal say that this has honestly been a dream of Jimmy's since he first saw the show in 2000. I'm glad to see that he is finally getting to live his dream, since the Super Bowls weren't enough apparently.

Big XII Media Days are next week and if you want to catch it live head over to for the live stream. Should be a real hoot.

Rivals writeup that is mostly about Holgorsen, but there is a lot in there about how much Gundy will miss calling the plays. I'm kinda excited to see what Mike will be doing on the sideline during our first few offensive possessions. I kinda picture him behaving like a heroin addict going through withdrawals... like that scene in Trainspotting.

Media All-Big XII Preseason Team announced. And in case you were optimistic, there are no Cowboys on the first team. Thomas and Murray get the nod at RB over Hunter. Not that this means a lot, I actually kinda like that we are being over-looked a little.

The Big XII Media Preseason Poll was released as well, and as expected O-State is picked to be 5th in the South. Suck it Baylor!