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WastedOptimism Sells Out (in a good way)

Some internal news concerning the world's 24th best resource for Oklahoma State Athletics coverage. We have been invited to become a member of the network of sports blogs as the official sbnation Oklahoma State blog. And we accepted based on two conditions:

  1. Lots of money
  2. No drug tests

So beginning in early August, we will be blogging (ugh... present tense blog verb) as a part of a legitimate outlet. Yes, this is the first time "WO" and "legitimate" have been teamed up so I expect great things.

For those that are unaware of sbnation, it is basically a sports reporting site, where all the information is delivered from a fan perspective as every word is generated from personal blogs (like this one) that are designated as the official sbnation blog for a specific team. Here is a list of every blog on there (i believe they are up to 248) that generates the content for the site. If you scroll down to the Big XII, you will notice two holes (2-holes joke) where O-State and Baylor should be. Well the Oklahoma State spot will no longer be vacant as we will slip in to fill the void... and you can bet that our first post will be about how embarrassing it is for the Big XII that Baylor doesn't have an sbnation blog.

We will be changing the url, so stay tuned for that, but everything else will pretty much stay the same, just a different layout and a bigger audience. Same writers, same seductive tone, same under-researched articles, same everything... we will, however, let the expansion go to our heads a little and start writing in a very "we are above this" manner, so prepare for that.

Thanks to everyone that has been reading us here (and will continue to read us right?), you are a big part of the reason we were able to make this move. We will continue posting here until the new site goes live (early August-ish) so keep checking in with us, and definitely peruse sbnation in the meantime to get acquainted with what we will be stepping into. We will let you know once the change over date is confirmed, and any other pertinent info.

As always, Cowboys Ride For Free, and I love each and every one of you (only in a sexual way though.. nothing serious).