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Cowboys - Cougars 2008 Game Notes

It is Sunday so the blog rules state that posts can be short and not well thought out. I actually tried to tweet this but couldn't fit it under the word count. For those that don't know, KSBI in OKC occasionally airs replays of random OU and O-State games and yesterday they showed the 2008 matchup with Washington State in Seattle. I recorded and watched this morning and just wanted to list a few things that jumped out to me.

  • The endzones still had the Seahawks logos on them. What is that shit about? "Hey Qwest Field, we are going to bring over 50,000 people to your stadium and generate a ton of money for you on a day when you would usually just have chains on the gates and make nothing... do you think you could spend $500 and 2 hours of effort to paint the endzones with our logo or even just old style lines across them or something?" -- Response: "Na. The regular endzone paint guy has his kids that weekend and it would be a real minor inconvenience to find a different one, so we'll just leave them as they are."
  • I'm not sure if this is any indication as to Wash State's 2010 special teams, but their 2008 special teams play was atrocious. Line-drive punts resulted in returns of 42 and 68 yards, then in the ultimate display of special teams futility, a missed extra point was followed by a 90 yard kickoff return touchdown by Perrish. All subsequent kickoffs were pooched to the up-men basically admitting that they are better off giving O-State the ball on the 40 than risking a return.
  • Z-Rob's legs of 2009 were not Z-Rob's legs of 2008. This wasn't a marquee rushing game for Zac (11 yards), but his mobility was markedly better on rollouts and running the speed option in this game than we saw him at any point in 2009 (except maybe the Tech game).

That is all for what I believe is our first ever post on a Sunday. This improvement in work ethic is impressing everyone right?