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Big 12 Media Days 2010: Monday Recap, OSU at 9:45

Big 12 Media Days 2010

So the 2010 version of Big 12 Media Days started with an angry Bo Pelini. The first thing out of the Nebraska coach's mouth was "No Big 10 talk" Ok Bo. Great to see you too!

After that, he didn't really say much. The usual "We could be good", etc. was all we really got. But you can sense that there is a lot of optimism in the Husker Nation.I even heard things like "Big 12 Champs" "Blackshirts" "National Champs" -- yes, it's getting crazy in Lincoln.

Bottomline Huskers -- You lost an All American defender that was triple covered most of the time and your offense stinks. Iowa State beat you at home. You're a long way from the good times of the 80's and 90's.

After Pelini, we saw Baylor, Iowa State and Texas A&M. You can read the real time coverage at our Twitter site here It's a real hoot!

A few interesting bits from Art Briles, Paul Rhoads and Mike Sherman

  • Baylor will be "Fresh, Fast and Fearless"
  • Robert Griffin is healthy
  • Iowa State has the #1 Grad rate in the Big 12 (He really pointed this out)
  • Iowa State has the toughest schedule in the country (reported here first)
  • Texas A&M is ready to take the place of Nebraska!?!?!
  • Mike Sherman is crazy..In a real "Texas Calm" way

Up this morning at about 9:00 CT is Missouri, Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Texas Tech.

We're going to do things a little differently today by keeping some of the reaction here on the site in the comments section. Hopefully that will mean a good conversation with our 3 fans.

I'm looking forward to hearing what Coach Gundy has to say. Snyder, Pinkel and Tuberville should be good too.

The live video can be found here See you in a couple of hours..