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Big 12 Media Days 2010: Day 3

Ahhhh... remember Day 1 of Media Days?

Today's schedule is the same as yesterday, except the teams are different (really?).

Big XII Media Days Day 3 Schedule

9:00 Kansas: Coach Turner Gill, DE Jake Laptad, CB Chris Harris, OL Brad Thorson

9:45 Oklahoma: Coach Bob Stoops, DE Jeremy Beal, LB Travis Lewis, WR Ryan Broyles

10:30 Colorado: Coach Dan Hawkins, CB Jalil Brown, WR Scotty McKnight, OL Nate Solder

11:15 Texas: Coach Mack Brown, QB Garrett Gilbert, OT Kyle Hix, DE Sam Acho, DT Kheeston Randall

Hopefully today will provide some excitement that a Pelini-less Day 2 was lacking. For a complete recap of yesterday, check out the comments section of the Day 2 post. For those that don't have the time, or the clicking ability, to read those comments, here is a quick list of notes from Day 2 of Big XII Media Days.

  • Pinkel started things off by sleep-talking his way through a bunch of softball questions. There were parts where he was honestly leaning his head on his hand while he talked. He didn't look like he was irritated by the questions, he looked more like he was indifferent about being there. He had the same expression as a kid who is forced to be at church, or when Jeremy Smith is forced to be anywhere but the weight room.
  • The comment that best sums up Pinkel's time is this one:

"Coach… how do you feel about your secondary?"

"We are happy with it"

  • Next up was the always electric Coach Gundy who we were hoping would add some excitement to this bore-fest. However, our hopes of excitement were dashed quickly as gel-spike mono-toned his way through a 7 minute session, only giving the most basic of answers to most questions. He did bring up one good point though... I am paraphrasing here:
"All our o-linemen are new, but that has worked to our benefit since we are implementing a new system anyway."

  • Also of note.. I'm pretty sure Gundy's gel spike is half an inch taller than last year.
  • Next was an interview with Orie Lemon in which he did not use the n-word one time, and declared that he is 100% healthy and ready to tear some shit up.
  • Also, somewhere around this time we learned that the Big 12 has dropped the Independence Bowl tie in, and is instead taking the 7th place team to New York to play in the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium. So whoever wins the North, take some pictures of New York for us. (oh North hating, how I will miss you next season)
  • Bill Snyder, the nicest man in college football, provided the only emotion so far as he chuckled at a question by Barry Trammel who was basically giving him shit for wanting to still have divisions in a 10 team league.
  • Last up was Tuberville, who speaks well and with a lot of emphasis on certain words, but seems to talk in circles and never really say anything. Even with that, he was roughly 23 times more charismatic than Gundy, Pinkel, and nice-guy Snyder combined.
  • This is just a gut feeling, but I think Tubs is a major league asshole when cameras aren't on him. I can see him yelling "Get your shit together!" at your grandmother if she were in his way at the store or something. Just has that look to him.

So let's all watch us some Day 3 Media Days today, and pray for a little excitement. I'm not sure if any of the WO staff will be available today to live-comment on the proceedings, but feel free to add your own commentary and/or bottomless pics.