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Fan Shocked at Football Player's Act of Violence

As was reported everywhere yesterday, Jamie Blatnick was involved in an altercation at Murphys on the Stillwater strip with former Cowboy, Stephen Denning. The fight allegedly started when Blatnick hit Denning in the face with a beer bottle. As soon as the story broke, newspapers, sports websites, talk radio, blogs, message boards, and fans everywhere expressed their shock at the violence and anger the starting defensive end was capable of exhibiting. One particular Oklahoma State fan, Harold Nusten, was especially outraged. He spent a few minutes with wastedoptimism.

"It is just unforgivable that he would hurt another person like that," began Nusten, "It is just sickening is what it is. This is a kid that is in a bar, fighting... when he should be preparing to knock the snot out of Washington State quarterback Jeff Tuel in a few weeks. Everyone knows that the Cougars line wouldn't have been able to stop him and he would have had numerous open shots at a completely defenseless Tuel's ribcage and head. Now, come September, instead of basking in the glory of breaking an opponents ribs, he will be sitting in a jail cell or at home questioning his unacceptable violent actions."

Nusten, his face now flushed and wringing his hands, continued, "It's just too bad this had to happen. Jaime had such a promising, socially-acceptable outlet for knocking heads and inflicting pain on others on the field. It is a just a shame that he would purposefully hurt another person in this manner when there is no scoring involved. Why can't athletes that are trained to play one of the most violent sports ever known keep their emotions in check? I mean they have been taught for years to unleash the warrior within them, to inflict as much pain as possible on whoever stands in their way, to completely beat the hell out of anyone wearing a different color shirt than them, but they are supposed to behave this way only when between the white lines. I just don't get how this could happen."

Nusten had to pause for a few seconds to catch his breath, then continued, "Well hopefully Richetti Jones can step up in his place week 1 and lay some people out. Hopefully he will drive some bodies into the dirt, crack some Cougar heads, and wreck some sternums on the way to a Cowboy victory."

Nusten finished with, "But this violence off the field just can't happen. That energy should be spent punishing your opponents."