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We Are Packing Up, Bookmark Accordingly

For those that may have missed the announcement, we are moving soon. It looks like most of the development work at the new place is done, and the move to looks imminent. So as we are preparing for all the changes, we wanted to update all of our readers on a few things... so Evan and Mikael, listen up.

  1. As mentioned previously, we will have a new url that we feel more accurately reflects the tone of the site. Since we are all sex partners friends here, I am going to level with you... when this site was started in 2008, it was intended purely as an outlet for us to entertain each other and a small group of friends through writing some of the dumbest shit you will ever read, and mocking our mutual love and frustration with Oklahoma State athletics (mostly football). The name WastedOptimism came to us one day, and once the name was first uttered we all thought it felt right for the purposes of the site, so we went with it. As our writing, and interest levels in the site fluctuated and eventually progressed throughout the past two years, the site began taking on a different feel, and eventually turned into what it is today. A way for us to easily meet high school girls. A much more thorough look at Oklahoma State Athletics, with plenty of self-deprecating humor, and Nebraska insults thrown in. As such, we feel like we have progressed beyond the good-natured jab of a name that WastedOptimism represented, and have been wanting to switch to a url that has doesn't have any negative connotation to it. This move to sbnation provided the perfect opportunity to make that change. So take note of the new name.... once we move over, the new url for the site will be:
  2. With the new name, and hooking up with a legitimate site, you may be wondering if we will be changing our format in any way. Oh, you weren't wondering that? Ok. Well in case you do wonder that some day, the answer is NO (ALL FUCKING CAPS AND BOLDED). SBNation in no way wants us to change anything. And even if they did... well... we would probably do whatever they told us to do. We have a huge fear of authority types.
  3. The next 3 to 10 days may consist of a less frequent post schedule. We are in the final stages of setting up the new site and it will require a decent chunk of our time. What kind of work are we doing on the new site you ask? There is the building, the crafting, and the lubing just to name three things we are working on. So if we go a day without posting, don't freak the eff out about the unavoidable flaccidity that comes with missing out on some daily WO... just read back through some archives and your wastedoptimism chub will return.
  4. I think we need to gameplan some angles with everyone here before we move over to sbnation. We have a unique opportunity to introduce hundreds of million of thousands of people to Oklahoma State culture, and we should take advantage of this. What I mean is, this sites readers have no idea what we are like, we can be whoever we want and they will assume that we are an accurate representation of Oklahoma State. So what if we mix Swedish words into our sentences here and there. Or constantly discuss the details of sex reassignment surgery. All the new readers from all over the world will think that is just who Oklahoma State fans are. Or we could be respectful and articulate and clever and impress the pants right off everyone with our O-State loyalty and staggering knowledge of everything Garth Brooks. Any of those options work for me, or suggest your own and we will work this plan out.

I think that is all for now. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday Cowboys... and get ready to ride... for free.