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Pasted Optimism: 8/5/2010

Pasted Optimism is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku. Click here to view archive.

New locker room renovation pics went up on over the weekend. I hope everyone likes bubbly walls and crazy tile patterns. I'm still trying to get confirmation as to whether they are building a locker room, or a set for a 1983 movie that is about the future. Either way, there is no way that that place isn't hosting an orgy at some point. Also, jokes aside, it looks pretty bad ass.

Gundy doesn't want to ban his players from the bars. From a Bill Haisten article:

"Most bad things happen after midnight," Gundy said on Tuesday. "(However), I am not a firm believer in saying to the . . . guys on our team, ‘You can’t live the normal life of a college student.’ Maybe that’s wrong, but right now, I just don’t feel like you can do that. How can I punish the other 119 guys (as a result of) one guy making a terrible decision?"

What is this? A coach having some perspective and not overreacting to prove to the media and the university that he will take decisive action, even if that action is ineffective and might serve the opposite purpose as its intent? No sir...not on my watch. As a 61 year old average white Oklahoman, I know that student athletes respond best to being punished, screamed at, isolated, and humiliated. They hate you at first but eventually learn to love you as they realize that you were borderline torturing them for their own good. Didn't Gundy see the movie Coach Carter?

Nebraska SBNation site previews their matchup with Oklahoma State, and has a poll regarding expected results. I feel like I should mention that it is a really classy poll.

Cowboys are arriving in Stilly today! YEEEEESSSS! Football! Today is a day of paperwork and first practice is set for 8:00 am tomorrow morning.

Also, don't forget that Fan Appreciation Day is this Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 at GIA. Doors open at 1:00. Come get some autographs of Cowboy footballers and footballers. See, the soccer team is there too, so I am sorta playing with the dual use of the word "football" as it applies to both sports. Did it become funny after I explained it?