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Oklahoma State 38 - Texas A&M 35, my voice is gone

We will obviously write a bunch about this insane game tomorrow, but i real quickly wanted to put a link up to a recap, and express a few thoughts.Begin quick thoughts now:

  • Well just as we predicted, Shawn Lewis and Dan Bailey are the heroes.
  • Ugo Chinasa was out of his mind and will get plenty of credit for it, but an unsung great game was turned in by Broderick Brown who was relentlessly picked on by Johnson. He wasn't flawless, but Brown held his own.
  • Jerrod Johnson can alternate between being a great QB, and being rattled and making poor decisions more than any QB I can recall. He is an even more extreme version of Bobby Reid.
  • Also, Christine Michael has some quick feet and moves very well laterally, but he seems to go down on contact fairly easily for someone that appears to be pretty strong.
  • I haven't seen his official stat line, but I'm pretty sure that Swope dude had 200 yards after the catch.
  • Let's go ahead and put the "legit" label on Justin Blackmon.
  • Kendall Hunter played an amazing game.  Yes the rushing stats were decent (22, 101), but he also constantly picked up Von Miller on that speed rush.  In the second half, the tackle on Kendall's side was just letting Von blow by him on some plays and leaving him for Kendall to pick up.
  • I hope we never go for a 4th and 3 in the 1st half like that again. Take the FG and play your game.
  • Nice to see so many Freshman step up.  Joseph Randle's TD on that seam route was just beautiful.
  • Yes, the secondary does need a lot of work.
  • I am curious about the switch to the 3 man front in the 4th quarter. I also have questions about the times we had 3 tackles and Blatnick on the line in the first half when we were already having trouble applying pressure.

That enough for now.  I'm off to bed and am hoping to wake up with a voice. That game may not have been perfectly executed on either side, but it was damn excited, and I yelled myself stupid.

We will obviously be putting some recap up tomorrow. For now, check out the SB Nation game recap here.