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Oklahoma State October Prediction Poll

I was going to post this earlier last week but I figured that people's opinions may change based on the Kansas State/Nebraska game and the OSU/ULL looks like that may ring very true after watching both. This month will determine OSU's success this season. With ULL out of the way, OSU next travels to Texas Tech, then has Nebraska at home, and finishes the month on the road versus K-State. The question is: How many wins will OSU have on November 1st? Click that jump.

Considering two of the opponents played eachother last Thursday (Nebraska and K-State) we know a little more about each team. To me, I think K-State showed us more about their team than Nebraska did about their team. Texas Tech sqeaked out a win at home against Baylor so that gives a little bit more hope for next week's matchup. Still, OSU has created a habit of playing sub-par football in the first half only to put together sensational 3rd quarters. And although that worked against Troy, A&M, and ULL, I wouldn't count on it on the road in the Big 12.

With that said, here's the poll. How many October wins will OSU grab? Feel free to leave comments and explanations.