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BlogPollin Week 7

Our initial Week 7 BlogPoll ballot is in, and as before we are ranking based on record, then tie breakers.  The 13 undefeated teams are spots 1-13, then one loss teams.  A few questions about the rankings.

  1. Where do you rank LSU?  They did dominate Florida statistically, but still needed some Hat magic to pull off the win.  Is LSU a good team or a lucky team? Should they be higher than 10th?
  2. Is South Carolina really the best 1-loss team?
  3. We think there are 24 clear cut rank-able teams... #25 was not an easy choice. We eventually landed on NC State, but their one loss was at home to an average VT team. The other one-loss teams to choose from are K-State, Maryland, Northwestern, and Syracuse.  Not exactly great choices there. Who is most deserving of a ranking out of that shitfest?
  4. Who should be #1?

Our Ballot after the Jump.