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Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech: Predictions that We Dreamed...In Our Heads

Thanks for the clarification.
Thanks for the clarification.

Oh, hey kids! It's Friday so that means it is time to make some sweet predictions. It's a good thing nobody bet on their predictions from last week. Otherwise, a female staff member may have gotten a picture of Sam's junk. But then again, when has that ever backfired on anybody? Right? Anyway, tomorrow's game looks like it is going to be a scoring display. Soft defenses, fast offenses. So with that said, let's get the predictions going! Kris Kross will make ya...

1. Final Score

2. Total passing yards for both teams

3. How many new traditions will OSU steal from Texas Tech during the game?

4. Over/under for total sacks in the game is 4. Which side do you have?

5. Largest play goes for how many yards (excluding special teams)?

6. How many times will it be mentioned by the broadcasters that Brandon Weeden just turned 27?