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Oklahoma State 34 - Texas Tech 17

A lot to talk about here, and we will get to it more in-depth throughout the week. For now, leave your thoughts in the comments. Here are a few quick thoughts from me.

  • That was the most complete game Oklahoma State has played all season (blowouts excluded).  The Pokes jumped up early, controlled the game (outside of the stretch in the 2nd quarter), and protected the lead. It was the type of steady performance we have been waiting to see.
  • Joseph Randle is sick, and the running game will be in good hands next season with him, Smith, and Hershel Sims taking the carries. Randle was actually more effective than Hunter at hitting the line with momentum and falling forward, and I assume that is why he received so many carries.
  • Do we even need to keep pumping up Blackmon at this point?  He had another career high for yards even though the Tech D was obviously having to focus on him.
  • The secondary played as well as they have played all season.  There were very few plays were defenders were caught completely out of position, the middle of the field wasn't wide open as in previous games, and Johnny Thomas delivered a ton of big hits. Yes, that Johnny Thomas.
  • Outside of some issues containing the run for stretches, not being able to hold onto the 4+ potential interceptions, and some missed tackles, the defense played as well as we can ask it to for 90% of that game.

As I said above, more recap to come... for now check out the SB Nation recap and stats here, and leave your romantic feelings in the comments.