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Cowboys 34 - Red Raiders 17, Recaps and Links... and a flashy thing


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.


Orange-circle_medium OSU ready to take bids on indoor practice facility |
Not a game recap, but wow.  Lot's of encouraging news today.  Next I am expecting to find a link that the horribly uncomfortable seat backs option with season tix will be replaced with a "choice of pom girl" option.

The move is the first step in Holder's goal of having the facility ready for use in late 2012. OSU is currently the only Big 12 school without an indoor facility.

Orange-circle_medium 2010 NCAA Division I-A College Football Individual Statistics Leaders for Receiving - ESPN
Guess who is still on top of receiving yards, and about every other receiving category.

Orange-circle_medium College Football Today -
A few O State mentions in this national roundup.

Orange-circle_medium Texas Tech defenders say Brandon Weeden, Justin Blackmon play 'smart' |

Orange-circle_medium OSU-Nebraska set for 2:30 p.m.; OU-Mizzou will be at 7 p.m. | Tulsa World
I will be 41% less drunk for this game now. And I guess that settles the short lived "will gameday be in Stilly" discussion.  Thanks for all the dropped passes CornQuitters.

Orange-circle_medium OSU linebacker Orie Lemon: We knew what they were running |

Orange-circle_medium Guess who's undefeated for OSU-Nebraska clash | Tulsa World

Some Tech Links

Orange-circle_medium Depleted defense unable to slow down OSU attack | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Orange-circle_medium Open Game Day Thread #5 | Oklahoma St. Cowboys vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders - Double-T Nation
Orange-circle_medium Optimism for 2010 season fading away | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
The most common theme throughout the Tech recaps (except for a few outliers) is similar to the reaction after the A&M game.  A lot of "our team is terrible for losing that game" talk.  I could only find a few "we were outplayed by a good team" themed articles. A lot of this goes back to pre-season media formed opinions that we have spent plenty of time bitching about. Most fanbases and media assumed in August that the Oklahoma State game was a win thanks to Phil Steele and the rest of the pre-season predictions, and that assumption doesn't just go away.  Even 7 weeks into the season those pre-season assumptions play as big of a role in how the nation sees us as the on field performance. We have seen this trend all year.
Remember how much Tulsa, A&M, ULL, and Tech were being touted as tough opponents going into the game?  Then the value of all of those wins were quickly diminished by a bunch of "I guess they weren't that good" talk after the game... usually most of it coming from the defeated team's fanbase.
I know that this is what happens when teams lose... the fanbase and local media focus turns inward. But I wanted another chance to bitch about how much pre-season opinion drives the value assigned to each team, and in turn their ranking, throughout the entire season.