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First BCS Rankings are out

Here is the link to the overall expanded BCS rankings.

I'm happy to see Oklahoma State represented, and if you would have told me in June that the Cowboys would be on the first page of the first BCS rankings of the season I would have ranking-gasmed all over you, but this is a bloggy type site, so I have to bitch about something.

Hopefully this will all work itself out eventually, but the disparity in the human polls and the computer polls is once again jarring. Oklahoma State comes in at #14 in the overall BCS standings, but #9 in the computers. The difference being that the computers have the 10 undefeated teams ranked at spots 1 though 11 (with Stanford sneaking in at 10 ahead of Utah), while the human polls have 6 one-loss teams in front of Oklahoma State and Missouri.

I already know the answer to this question, but why do we leave this up to so much speculation?  Why does some reporter dude in Idaho have to arbitrarily decide if Utah is better than Ohio State, or if Stanford is better than Oklahoma State?

But complaining aside, its good to be top 14, and I am pumped to watch the Cowboys improve upon that ranking by continuing the ruining of the Huskers farewell/quitting tour this weekend.