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Prediction Time: Nebraska vs. Oklahoma State

Everybody breathe it in. This is going to be the last time these two teams play a regular season game for a very long time. And could there be a more fitting end? The tradition rich national power versus the promising up and comers. The torch is being passed as Nebraska readies itself to move on to new challenges in a new conference. But first thing's first. One last game. One last test to see where each program stands. And as we draw closer to Saturday's game, nothing seems more fitting than making some good ol' bold predictions. Let's get going.

1. Final Score?

2. Total Turnovers?

3. Will Bo Pelini pee his pants while delivering a midgame ass chewing to the refs?

4. Nebraska's first offensive play: Zone read, draw, or option pitch?

5. Attendance?

6. Total combined rushing yards for both teams?

7. Percentage chance that OSU and NU fans can raise their glasses together before and after the game in celebration of our equal hatred for OU?