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Oklahoma State Football: A look at what's left..

Make no mistake about it. Oklahoma State still controls their own destiny.

The loss to a good - if not great Nebraska team stings but we won't see another Defense (or Quarterback) that good all year. The hopes of winning the Big 12 South are very much alive and as we've seen in the past, anything can happen if you get to the title game.

So what's left? What will this team have to do to win the South and play for a Big 12 title?

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Oct 30 @  Kansas State Wildcats

The Wildcats are led by star running back Daniel Thomas.  They have been in and out of the top 25 all year and are 5-2 with one loss coming at home against Nebraska 48-13 and the other on Saturday in Waco 47-42. PassDefense is not their strength so our offense should once again, roll. Unfortunately, it's not really ours either but I have to think we're good enough to at least slow down the passing game of Carson Coffman, who averages just 163 yards and a score per game.

Nov 6 Baylor Bears

Wooooo! The Baptists are bowl eligible!! The Baptists are bowl eligible!! I'd be a little more worried about this game if it was in Waco. Crazy shit happens in Waco.  Robert Griffin III is legit and the Bears can put up points. The problem is, they don't play great defense and I don't see us losing at home to any team that is not really really good defensively.

Nov 13 @ Texas Longhorns

Mike Gundy is 0-5 versus Texas. Will this be the year he finds a win? It won't be easy, but this seems to be the year to do it. The Longhorns have struggled in Austin with losses to UCLA and Iowa State. They are a solid team defensively when they want to be - but can they score enough points to keep up with us? They haven't scored more than 24 points against a Big 12 opponent all year.

Nov 20 @ Kansas Jayhawks

The Jawhawks seem to be getting worse each week. I honestly think every week "Well, they did beat Georgia Tech - maybe they'll pull one out this weekend" and then they get their ass handed to them. Oklahoma State should have an absolute field day tuning up for...

Nov 27 Oklahoma Sooners

If the Cowboys take care of business, this could absolutey be a game with Big 12 Championship implications. Win and you get the winner of the North at Jerry World.  I'll take Weeden, Hunter and Blackmon at home over Landry, Demarco and Broyles on the road any day...

So there you have it. 5 games to glory and it all starts this week in Manhattan. If the Cowboy offense keeps rolling and we improve even slightly on defense and special teams - we've got a real chance to play for a title in December.

It's likely that it will all come down to the last game of the year in Stillwater. What more can we ask for?