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Should Justin Blackmon be suspended?

No doubt Justin Blackmon made mistakes on Monday night. What now needs to be determined is whether or not those mistakes warrant a suspension. Push the assumptions aside. Try not to be biased one way or the other. In your most objective opinion, based on the facts we have now, do you believe he should be able to suit up for the Kansas State game this weekend or not?

Here are the facts:

  • He was out of state on a Monday night during a gameweek.
  • He didn't leave Dallas until at least 3am.
  • He was pulled over for going 92 mph in a 60.
  • The car he was driving was not his, it was one of the passengers.
  • He had at least a trace of alcohol on him.
  • In Texas, minors are cited DUI's even if their BAC is 0.0000001%.
  • He was released from jail after three to four hours.
  • His bail was $375.
  • The lowest penalty of a DUI in Texas is equivalent to a traffic violation.

These are the facts. Everything else at this point has not been revealed or is being speculated. So based on these facts alone, do you believe that Blackmon should be able to play this Saturday?