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Oklahoma State at Kansas State: 5 things to watch for in the Little Apple

Aubrey Quarles

Quarles is currently the Wildcat's leading receiver and just last week he had 6 catches for 131 yards and a touchdown. Word in Manhattan is that he's got the best hands on the team and his route running gets better each week. The scariest part is that it seems he was consistently wide open last week. This sounds like a recipe for disaster against a secondary that hasn't stopped anyone.

No Blackmon

The nation's leading receiver will not make the trip. How will the offense respond?  Will guys like Josh Cooper, Tracy Moore and Michael Harrison pick up the slack? Will Kendall Hunter have 50 carries? One thing is certain. Brandon Weeden will be without the safety valve he's become used to. How will he handle that?

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William Powell

The backup running back is currently 9th in the nation in kickoff returns.  He had huge kick return after huge kick return last week against Baylor and finished with 172 yards and a touchdown. It's no secret that we are absolutely horrible on kickoff coverage.  I said it in the podcast and I'm sticking with it. KState will have 2 touchdowns on kick returns.

The OSU Defense

Make no mistake about it, Carson Coffman is not a good passing quarterback. His best game of the season came against Missouri State where he had 280 yards and 3 TD's. He's averaging 164 yards a game across the board. I'd say if the defense can hold him under 200 yards passing they've done their job. However, if Coffman's numbers are more like Weeden's - we could be in for a long day. The defense has GOT to play better.

Kendall Hunter

Let's see here..Nebraska had 42 carries for 451 yards and 5 touchdowns against this defense. The power rushing attack of Baylor had 38 carries for 279 yards and 2 touchdowns. Hunter really just needs his average to catapult to the top of the national rushing list (he's currently #3). I think he'll meet his average X 3. The Cowboys will most likely put the game on the back of their star running back. It could be wonderful for his stats.