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OSU vs. KSU: Prediction Time

It's Friday (thank God) and that means it's time for a good dose of predictions! I was going to put an over/under on Justin Blackmon's yards but it turns out he is going to be driving in an NASCAR race on Saturday instead. Thanks a lot, JB. So now I must come up with other painfully obvious incredibly inventive scenarios to predict. Shouldn't be too hard. Lots of intriguing matchups and situations in this one. Let's get started. See that sentence below that is bolded in orange? Click it.

Final Score?

Hunter and Thomas's total yards?

Whose fans will turn on their team's inept defense first?

On which of OSU's kickoffs will we see the first pooch kick?

Will Cincy Joe buy everyone PBR's if KSU doesn't score on a kickoff return?

Which team has the creepier mascot (not really a prediction I suppose but intriguing nonetheless)?