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Oklahoma State 24, Kansas State 14 PostGame Thoughts

It was one of those games where it felt like Oklahoma State was up 24 most of the game, but the scoreboard always said it was close...  I guess that is what happens when you gain 511 yards, yet only score 17 points on offense. I'm sure we will find plenty to complain about in this performance, but everyone has to admit that the defense played maybe their best game of the season (especially the line... and ditto for the O-line for that matter), and the offense showed it can move the ball without Justin Blackmon... whether they can finish their drives is another discussion.  In addition to a nice push by the D line, the LB's and secondary delivered tons of hard hits (I don't care how tough Daniel Thomas is... he will be very sore tomorrow), and came up with some nice turnovers (partial thanks to Carson Coffman throwing with his non-dominant arm the entire game.... oh... he is right handed?... then why does he throw like that?  Josh Fields could talk shit about the lack of zip on Coffman's passes). All things considered, it was a good performance on both sides of the ball... oh hell... we were just flagged for another personal foul.

What did you think?  As usual, we will have detailed recaps throughout the week, but here is the place to leave your quick thoughts about the Cowboys victory.

ps.. Nebraska is currently all over Missouri as I am hitting publish on this post.  This game should tell a lot about how we should view our Nebraska loss.