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CRFF Podcast #6

Back with the normal, non-hall-of-famer interviewing, version of the podcast. This week it is me and Royal talking about the A&M game, what we didn't like about the game plan, and a brief preview of ULL (because that is all they deserve... take that Cajuns!).

And speaking of the Cajuns, this is the first road game for the Pokes so let's all meet up in the Gamethread on Friday. We no longer have the excuse of the BPS black hole so we should all be there to comment on how terrible the Cajuns are and how great Blackmons hair looks on TV.

Now onto the podcast.  (Sadly, there is no Lionel Richie on this one, hopefully I can find the mp3 next week.)

Here is the mp3 for download, or use the embedded player below.