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Let's Get Pasted: 10/4/2010 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.
Yes, these have become less regular lately. I apologize for depriving you of the linkyness. I will improve.

Orange-circle_medium Conference Power Rankings: Week 5 - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
This is about to become an entire post, but I wanted to put the link up here for now. I realize this poll is meant to balance the top-heaviness of the AP Poll with the depth rankings of the polls as a whole, but it also illustrates the gap between media perception of the Big 12, and what the numbers say. The Big 12 is ranked as the #5 conference by AP votes, but #1 by the computers.


Orange-circle_medium Sittler column: For Oklahoma State's Tolu Moala, blessings keep on coming | Tulsa World
For those that haven't yet read about this, it's a pretty solid story about Moala's daughter, his religion (Mormon), and the rest of his non-traditional college athlete life.

Orange-circle_medium Oklahoma State is heading to hostile territory |

In an ESPN poll of conference players, ULL was voted the most hostile entrance in the Sun Belt Conference.

"ESPN The Magazine talked about the Cajuns having one of those entrances that was very intimidating, a tough situation for opposing players," said Joshua Parrott, who covers ULL for The Daily Advertiser in Lafayette. "The student section can get pretty excited, raucous and crazy."

Orange-circle_medium GTR Newspapers | Gundy, Cowboys Meet the Media

All the pertinent quotes from the Monday press conference regarding the game on Friday. My favorite:

Joe DeForest, Special Teams Coordinator

 On playing at Louisiana

 "It's a festive environment. It's just the culture there; the way of life. There's great food, people and fun. I went there to play baseball so I know what to expect. The student section is pretty rowdy. They party all day and they sit right behind our bench and talk about your family and they are not very good things that they say."

Orange-circle_medium GTR Newspapers | Ugo Chinasa named Co-Defensive Big XII Player of the Week



Orange-circle_medium Looking for A Happy GoodBye In Nebraska's Final Big 12 Season - Corn Nation
A "hoping for positives" piece from Jon at Corn Nation.  I'm not sure Nebraska will get much admiration on their way out of the conference... but I'm glad some Nebraska fans want to be remembered fondly.

Orange-circle_medium Open Letter to Coach Tuberville - Double-T Nation
Uh Oh. Everything is not well in West Texas..... I mean even more not well than normal.

Orange-circle_medium Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 6 - Big 12 Blog - ESPN



Orange-circle_medium BCS Standings: Week 5 - Simulated - BCS Evolution

Orange-circle_medium The Alphabetical, Week 5: Really, Let's Just Talk About The End Of Tennessee-LSU -
Orson's always entertaining alphabetical breakdown of the weekend that was.  This one has a great recap of the LSU - Tennessee ending.... which still seems fictional.

Orange-circle_medium Not Quite Initial Impressions: LSU v Tennessee - And The Valley Shook
More LSU - Tennessee reaction

And now the actual video of the LSU - Tennessee ending.