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The Cowboy's 5th Opponent, Louisiana Lafayette - Stats and Weirdness

Alright, it is time to put the ugly-good win that was the A&M game behind us and look forward to taking to the road this week. In another weekday, night, televised game the Pokes will be heading southeast to take on the Rajun Cajuns... who by all accounts are not exactly great at playing football this season. The Pokes are already a 24 point favorite and the line is still moving up, so let's take a look at who the Cowboys should be trouncing in a couple days.
First all the stats and junk. (NCAA rank in parenthesis)

Oklahoma State
Louisiana Lafayette
Scoring Offense 52.3 (2) 20.0 (94)
Total Offense 534.8 (3) 318.8 (94)
Pass Offense 365.0 (3) 213.0 (69)
Rush Offense 170.0 (51) 105.7 (102)
Yards per Carry
4.82 (42) 2.96 (105)
Pass Rating 172.09 (8) 120.8 (83)
Sacks Allowed 1.5 (34) 3.25 (98)
Turnovers 2.25 (67) 1.25 (10)
Scoring Defense 29.5 (91) 35.0 (108)
Total Defense 414.5 (96) 408.8 (93)
Pass Defense 280 (110) 257.3 (103)
Rush Defense 134.5 (49) 151.50 (67)
Pass Rating Defense 131.19 (82) 135.52 (88)
Sacks 2.5 (18) 1.25 (96)
Tackles for Loss
6.5 (45) 5.75 (75)
Turnovers Forced 3.5 (5) 2.3 (70)
Time of Possession
26:30 (111) 29:48 (63)
SOS (Sagarin) 86 125


Well, the Cajuns don't turn the ball over much do they?

Click the Jump for more ULL.

What Have They Done This Season
In a word: underblownbarfed. But let's go bullet point style for a quick summary, and to point out the oddities of the Ragin Cajuns 2010 season thus far.

  • ULL was absolutely crushed at home by Middle Tennessee State (34-14), who is a decent Sun Belt team, and needed a blocked extra point with 31 seconds left to beat an emotional North Texas team last week. Oh ya... and they have been the hapless Georgia Bulldogs only win of the season
  • ULL has yet to score a point in the 4th quarter this season. They have been outscored 37-0 in this quarter, and 68-14 in the second half. But don't go thinking they are a first half team either, as ULL has matched their opponents at 17-17 in the 1st Q, and have been outscored 55-49 in the 2nd.
  • 6 of their 10 offensive touchdowns have come on plays of 47 yards or longer. In fact, 30% of their entire offensive output for the season has come on these 6 plays. (378 yards of 1272 total)
  • ULL's offensive line averages 307 lbs and just over 6'5" per dude, the biggest the Cowboys will have faced thus far. However the 2.96 YPC and 3.25 sacks allowed per game are proving that size isn't everything.
  • In case you didn't look through all the stats above... the one that really stands out is that Oklahoma State will be putting the 3rd ranked pass offense up against the 103rd ranked pass defense.
  • ULL's average statistical ranking in all the categories in the table above, is 85th. (Although equally glaring is OSU's average rank is 50th... those defensive stats have to, and should, improve.)
  • More good news for the Cowboys as this has been a glaring weak point this season, ULL ranks 119th in the nation in kick return yardage at 16.42 yards per return. I would still feel better if Quinn would just continue putting almost all of them through the end zone though.
  • ULL Kicker Tyler Albrecht has made 1 out of 6 field goals on the season, and that one was from 27 yards.
    /Still searching for an area where ULL excels, or is at least average.
  • Through 4 games, ULL has had 11 drives go for negative yardage.
  • Just to piss off RBBC-hater Cincy Joe, ULL has 4 RBs that have between 19 and 29 carries on the season, and they average 7.7, 2.6, 3.3, and 1.3 ypc. And the 7.7 guy, Kevis Streeter, stats are pretty inflated by a 69 yard TD run that accounts for 45% of his total yards.
  • And lastly, ULL is jacked about hosting the Cowboys. Check out the poll on the left side of their official athletics site.

I think that will do it for the ULL facts and stats for now. They are yet another weird team that doesn't seem to do much well. As long as the first road trip doesn't rattle these young Cowboys, and they take care of the ball, we can expect something along the lines of the Wash St and Tulsa games.  More ULL info will be coming throughout the week, and remember to meet back here at kickoff on Friday for the Gamethread.