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Big 12 Punter Ranking: We're Number One!

To be honest, I never really noticed the value a punter can bring to a team until Matt Fodge came to OSU. The Ray Guy award winner created a whole new standard for kicking at Oklahoma State and was a big reason we were able to get current punter, Quinn Sharp. Cowboys special teams coach Joe Deforrest calls Sharp "our most valuable player on defense" and that is easy to understand. Sharp currently leads the nation with 25 touchbacks and is first in the Big 12 with a 47 yards per punt average. So due to my obsession with rankingsthe high demand and overwhelming amount of requests - I bring you the first ever Cowboys Ride For Free Big 12 Punter Ranking.

1. Quinn Sharp, Oklahoma State

Who else? The guy is basically a defender with his range of 47 yards per punt and skill to drop balls in the 20. He led the nation last year in touchbacks with 35 and he's already got 25 this year - 8 more than the dude in second place. So not only is he a badass punter, he kicks too!

2. Derek Epperson, Baylor

The Senior is second in the Big 12 with a 45 yard per punt average. He's on the Ray Guy award watch list  and he plays for Baylor/punts alot. That's really all I can find on the guy.

3. Tress Way, Oklahoma

Are you ready for the most amazing stat of the day? No? Ok. Well here it is anyway. OU has 30 punts. Why is that a big deal you ask? Well, if you look here you'll see that the team with the most punts is New Mexico at 39. The next closest Big 12 team is Texas with 24. OSU has just 18. He does have an 85 yard punt on the season, and he's 3rd in the Big 12 with 44 yards per punt so all of those 3 and outs are making someone look good.

4. Alonso Rojas, Kansas

Rojas might be KU's best player. He pinned Baylor deep in their own territory twice and had a 57 yard punt in the game. It's his fault the defense couldn't stop anyone. He's got a solid average at 44 yards per punt.

5. Alex Henery, Nebraska

Henery has 16 punts. Just 2 less than Quinn Sharp but 14 less than Tress Way! Am I reading to much in to this? He too, has a 44 yards per punt average. He handles place kicks as well.

6. Jonathan LaCour, Texas Tech

Another 44 yards per punt average and 18 punts on the season. He seems like a good enough player to me, but the Texas Tech Staff doesn't think so. He's not on scholarship.

7. Matt Grabner, Missouri

Grabner comes in just under the average at 43 yards per punt on 16 punts (14 less than OU).  He's at the top of the league with punts inside the 20 and dropped a nice one against Illinois at the one yard line. Put him on my watch list...

8.  Ryan Doerr, Kansas State

Despite having a great name , Do her is not a great punter. He comes in to tonight's game with Nebraska with a 42 yards per punt average and that is really about it. He's struggled a bit with pressure and has even turned the ball over in the form of a fumble.

9. Kirby Van Der Kamp, Iowa State

Van Der Kamp is a freshman and  he averages about 40 yards a punt. The Cyclones seem to be excited about him. I"m not.

10. Zach Grossnickel, Colorado

40 yards per punt on 21 punts. Still 9 less than Tress Way - and we're talking about Colorado here.

11. John Gold/John Tucker, Texas

Texas is fucking unreal this year. They can't decide on  a running back, and they can't decide on a punter. What is the world coming to? This indecision has eliminated them from any ranking because they don't have a player that has had at least 2.5 punts in games played. Thems the rules.

12. Jared Jaroszewski, Texas A&M

Same goes for A&M. I'm not even certain this guy is the punter.