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Louisiana Lafayette, Strengths and Weaknesses

Well I guess we need to know a few things about the Cowboys next opponent, the Ragin Cajuns, other than "their fans are soooo mean".  Honestly, and I don't mean this to be cocky or sexy (I just naturally come off as both), Oklahoma State should have this game in hand midway through the 2nd quarter.  Maybe that will happen and maybe it won't, but from a basic look at the two teams the talent disparity is huge and this ULL game should follow the same script as the Wash St and Tulsa games (I know that there is always the possibility of a Troy performance sneaking in there, but OSU would have to play 10 times worse than the Troy game for this one to be in doubt.).  So in order to better understand what the Cowboys should worry about and the areas they should exploit, let's take a look at the pamphlet that is ULL's strengths, and the novel that is their weaknesses.

Ragin Strengths
QB Chris Masson (6-2, 203, Jr).  Masson hasn't been super-steady slinging the football around, but he is coming off the best performance of his career throwing for 310 yards and 2 TDs in the win over North Texas last weekend. Masson is not a complete game changer, but he has proven capable of managing an effective offense in spurts, most notably when he lead the Cajuns on a game winning drive last season in the upset of Kansas State. And yes, I basically described him as a streaky game manager.

TE Ladarius Green (6-6, 230, Jr).  The big tight end can be a matchup problem, especially in the red zone, and has a touchdown in every game he has played in this season (he was out last week with an ankle injury and is listed as questionable this week). He began turning it on at the end of last season and is averaging 95 yards and a TD over his last 5 games.

The Cajun Secondary.  Yes, I know that this is the unit that is mostly responsible for the 103rd ranked pass defense in the nation.... but those stats are drastically inflated by the passing performance of the 2007 Patriots Arkansas St. Red Wolves who chucked it for 438 yards, most of which came in the 4th quarter when the Cajuns were in the "trademark Cowboy prevent defense", trying to protect a 31-7 lead (the final was 31-24... can someone explain why anyone drops into a prevent?).  With that game's stats not included, the Cajuns are only giving up 200 passing yards per game behind the leadership of their veteran corners.  This unit isn't outstanding or anything, and their stats are aided by their porous run defense as most opponents haven't seen much of a need to throw the ball, but on a team with this many weaknesses, the secondary does have some of their better individual athletes, and has to be looked at as a strength... it just has to be.

Click the Jump for the Ragin Weaknesses

Ragin Weaknesses
Run Game
Offensive Line
Defensive Line
Run Defense
Special Teams
The strengths I listed above

Give me a break... it would take all day for me to describe their weaknesses, and I think their stats speak for themselves in all of these areas.  Also, I am too scared of the ULL fans to write anything negative about them. So scary!