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Oklahoma State vs. UL Lafayette Predictions

Gameday!!! And that means it is time yet again to make some predictions. Usually the predictions are a bit more serious but since this is the last OOC game of the season and the opponent isn't exactly a world beater, I thought I would change it up a bit. Here is the best part. I'm thinking about setting values for correct predictions. Drinks? Shots? Naked cartwheels in the bar? We'll figure it out as we go. Basically, be here during the game for the In-Game Thread so that you can claim your predictions. Otherwise, you get no prize for your dumb luck brilliance. Alright, click the jump for the prediction questions!

1. Halftime score

2. First play on offense is...?

3. First sack for OSU belongs to...?

4. By halftime, who has more yards? Blackmon or Hunter?

5. How many touchdowns does Weeden have by halftime?

6. Hunter's longest run in the first half goes for how many yards?

7. How many touchbacks will Sharp deliver in the first half?

As you can see, all of these predictions take place in the first half. For one, it is because that is when the starters will definitely be playing and two, if these predictions have drinking consequences attached, the second half is going to be needed to pay up.

Leave your predictions in the comments and we'll figure out the rewards from there. Suggestions are always welcome as usual.