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Oklahoma State @ ULL: What to Watch

File:Miley Cyrus at Kids' Inaugural 2 cropped.jpg
Miley Cyrus courtesy of Officer 1st Class Mark O'Donald, USN

I fully expect our Cowboys to have the game in hand by the end of the first half tonight so here are some things to watch if you get tired of watching Chelf throw bombs to Dinkins.

Click the jump for more. You'll love it..







Fox Local News, Your Local FOX station


I've always wondered who watches the news at 9:00. I'm pretty sure it's old people that fall asleep in their adjustable beds. It'll be on if you're curious about crimes that happened in cities you don't live in.

Reba, Lifetime

She's an okie and she's got a TV show that comes on at 9:30 on Friday nights. Who knew?

Montel's Great Abs for Summer, View (DirecTV 265)

First it's a talk show, then it's a plug for a payday loan company, now it's a show about ABS? What will this guy do next? Porn?

Strange Sex, Discovery Health

Just what I want on a Friday night.  A show about strange sex on the discovery health channel. Always interesting to see if something they consider "strange" is on your regular list though..

Hannah Montana, Disney

This girl is supposedly 17 but I've never seen a 17 year old that looks/acts like that. You can catch her critically acclaimed show at 9:30 pm tonight on Disney.

Yo Gabba Gabba, NickJr

This show is surprisingly entertaining when you're loaded and/or high. Highly recommended.

Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life, Golden Eagle Broadcasting Channel (DTV)

I mean who wouldn't want to learn how to enjoy everyday life at 9:30 on a Friday night?

And finally, there's 9:45 showing of The Social Network at the Carmike in Stillwater. Good Times.

So if you get tired of us kicking the shit of out some Cajuns, you've got some options. Or you can just watch the game.

Go Pokes!