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Oklahoma State - 54, Louisiana Lafayette - 28

Detailed recaps will be a comin. Here are a few of our quick points for now, let us know what you thought.

  • Justin Blackmon is officially a serious contender for the Biletnikoff.  Dude is sick.  Great hands, great body control, a complete game changer.
  • As much of a roller coaster as that game was, the dominance of the 2nd half makes up for the poor 1st half performance.  But at some point this team will need to put a whole game together (Nebraska, OU, Texas), but for now the "2nd half team" thing seems to be working (at turning me into an alcoholic).
  • The main halftime gameplan change for the offense.  Kendall Hunter first half stats: 9 carries for 36 yards.  Kendall Hunter 2nd half stats: 17 carries for 90 yards and a TD.
  • The main halftime gameplan change for the defense. 4 down linemen.
  • If it weren't for the one HUGE gaffe on kick coverage, this would have been one of the better overall special teams performances I can remember. Dan Bailey was 4/4 on FGs, with distances of 52, 52, 47, and 27. And with Sharp unable to kick it through the heavy swamp air to the back of the end zone, the Pokes only gave up 29 yards per kick return and that is with the 97 yarder factored in, without that is was 20 yards per return.

More recap over the weekend. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.