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Big 12 Running Back Ranking: Week 9

Here's my take on the ranking of Big 12 running backs after 9 weeks of play. Not much changes at the top but there is some movement in the middle. As a special bonus this week, we'll answer the question on everyone's mind...

"Who the fuck is Jay Finley??"

On to the ranking...

1. Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State - 143 yards on 28 carries

Hunter leads the Big 12 with 1174 yards on the season and comes off a big game in Manhattan. True freshman Joe Randle is looking better each week and is giving Hunter the rest that he needs to make a big run down the stretch. Hunter has had at least 100 yards in each of the last 5 games and he'll look to add to his totals this week when the Baylor Bears come to town.

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2. Daniel Thomas, Kansas State - 101 yards, 1 TD on 29 carries

Another solid day for Thomas who is 2nd in the Big 12 and 7th nationally. Oklahoma State did a good job of making him work for every yard as he finished with just under 4 yards per carry. He's is Kansas State's big weapon and I fully expect him to run wild against a Longhorn team that just gave up 109 yards to Baylor on the ground.

3. Jay Finley, Baylor - 116 yards, 1 TD on 15 carries

Jay Finley is a running back for the Baylor Bears and he has 500 yards and 5 touchdowns in his last 3 games. He's 3rd in the Big 12 and 18th nationally. He just jumped 3 spots in the CRFF RB ranking. Time to take him seriously folks.

4. Roy Helu Jr., Nebraska - 307 yards, 3 TD's on 28 carries

A truly impressive day from the first series when he broke a 66 yard touchdown run. Helu Jr. hasn't been as consistent as say, Kendall Hunter but you certainly have to respect the 3 headed monster that is the Nebraska rushing attack. Those guys can gouge you for 300 plus seemingly at will. Martinez is getting more comfortable passing the ball so this should translate into big things for Helu.

5. Demarco Murray , Oklahoma - 40 yards, 1 TD on 11 carries

Can someone help me understand why this guy is only getting 11-12 carries a game? Oklahoma is starting to look like Missouri with their weekly rushing totals. Roy Finch, Demarco Murray and Brennan Clay each had 10 + carries but the team as a whole finished with under 150 rushing yards. Let's hope this trend of under utilizing your best player continues...

6. Alexander Robinson, Iowa State - 117 yards, 1 TD on 17 carries

Another strong performance from Robinson. He's quietly closing the season out strong with more that 200 yards in his last 2 outings. Things will be a little harder this week when the Cyclones host Nebraska. He needs 275 yards in the last 3 games to break the 1000 yard mark.

7. Rodney Stewart, Colorado- 85 yards on 19 carries

A decent performance from Stewart. He's a good running back on a bad team. The Buffs have lost 4 in a row and really haven't had too much of a chance to run the ball. Things will get a little easier over the next 3 games when he'll face Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State.

8. Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M - 102 yards, 2 TD's on 16 carries

Word out of College Station is that Christine Michael is done for the season with a broken tibia. Very sorry to hear that Aggie. Gray stepped in and produced big numbers against Texas Tech. He'll have his hands full this week when Oklahoma comes to town. Although they can be run on...

9. Baron Batch, Eric Stephens, Texas Tech - 77 yards 1 TD on 20 carries

As predicted last week,  the Red Raider duo had a little trouble with the Aggie D. They should find some room to run against a weak Missouri Tiger defense. You know, the one that just gave up 307 yards to Roy Helu Jr?

10.  De'vion Moore, Missouri - 55 yards, 1 TD on 6 carries

A solid average, so why wasn't he used more? Oh yeah, it's because Missouri can't run the ball.  6 carries is unacceptable any way you slice it.

11.Cody Johnson, Texas - 39 yards on 10 carries

Yikes. Things are not good in Austin. How is that even possible??

12. James Sims, Kansas- 60 yards on 9 carries

The KU basketball season begins tomorrow night when the Jayhawks take on Washburn. Rejoice!