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Let's Get Pasted: 11/01/2010 Links

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Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

Now a Weekly Feature!


Orange-circle_medium - 2010 National Player Leaders
Guess who is still #1 in receiving ypg, and #2 in overall receiving yards? BTW... the guy that is #1 in total yards has played 9 games compared to JB's 7 games.

Orange-circle_medium A couple of K-State game recaps:
K-State fails to capitalize, hands over game to OSU - Kansas State Collegian - Sports
Sharps punting key as Cowboys' offense struggles - NCAA -

Orange-circle_medium OSU point guards a double threat | Tulsa World


Orange-circle_medium Does Clone Chronicles hate Oklahoma State?
Big XII Bowl Projections - 11/1/2010 - Clone Chronicles
Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 9 - Clone Chronicles
Probably not. But they are a little down on our little team for the wrong reasons. Here is their writeup from the Bowl Projections article.

Holiday Bowl - Oklahoma St. Cowboys (9-3) v. Stanford Cardinal

It's not that I don't like Oklahoma State. It's just that it's hard to take their 7-1 record seriously when they've played an easier schedule than Utah thus far. Wins over Texas Tech and A&M don't mean what they once did. I think OSU drops two more games this year, to Baylor and Oklahoma. 9-3 earns them a trip to San Diego against the 3rd pick from the Pac-10.

While I wouldn't argue that Oklahoma State has played world beaters, Sagarin thinks we have played the 51st most difficult schedule thus far, which is at least enough of a schedule to know if the team is decent. When I look at strength of schedule, I find that the easiest way to decide if a teams record is a good indicator of how good they really are is to count the number of teams that would have a better record if they played the same schedule. In the case of Oklahoma State, I would say that Nebraska, OU, and Missouri could be 7-1 and a handful of other BCS teams could be 7-1, so at most maybe 20 teams could be 7-1 with this schedule IMO. That is enough to say Oklahoma State is a good team. But really what I am saying is that I am tired of the "Is Oklahoma State for real?" question.

Orange-circle_medium Baylor still not getting respect despite beating Texas and being 7-2 | College Sports News | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News


Orange-circle_medium EDSBS'S BEST IN CLASS: WEEK 9 - Every Day Should Be Saturday

Orange-circle_medium BCS vs. Playoff: What if Boise State or TCU get to the Championship Game? - BCS Evolution