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Will OSU win in Austin? Don't get your hopes up...

Oklahoma State's history with the Texas Longhorn football team is ugly - especially if you're an OSU fan.

The Cowboys are 2-22 all time and the only two victories came in 1944 and 1997. The average score for the series is 33-15. 

If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it is this:  Never ever ever ever ever EVER get your hopes up for a win against Texas. Ever. 

I know we look good. But we've looked good before.  Justin Blackmon appears to be unstoppable - but so was Dez Bryant.  Until he played against Texas that is.

Click the jump and depression will ensue..

The series history with the Texas Longhorns is almost unbelievable. I mean really, is there another series with so many digusting losses for one side?

Just to make sure we're all on the same page, let's take a stroll down memory lane.


The Longhorns won the game 37–34 on a Kris Stockton field goal that fucking bounced through the uprights with 3 seconds left. The crazy thing is that we limited Heisman winning RB Ricky Williams to just 90 yards on 23 carries. Didn't matter though.  Little did we know that this would be the first in a string of 12 really shitty losses.


The 11th ranked Longhorns came to Stillwater and won 34-21. We didn't have much of an answer for Applewhite. Or Sims.


OSU led  7–3 before giving up 39 unanswered points to the Longhorns. Final score: 42-7.This would become a trend in the series.


OSU led by 10 points in the first quarter but ultimately lost 45–17.


This was my first trip to Darrell K Royal Stadium. Leading 17-9 in the fourth quater, Texas pinned OSU on its own 1 after a punt. Fields then hit Woods for a 25-yard completion, and a 25-yard run by Seymore Shaw! quickly moved the ball to midfield for the Cowboys. Facing third-and-23 from the Texas 33, Fields threw a prayer to none other than John Lewis who came down with the ball just inside the goal line for the touchdown. On the 2-point try, Fields completed the pass to Woods, but in the era before instant replay - it was ruled that he did not cross the plane. Hours later on sixth street, I saw otherwise.


The Cowboys had a bad taste in their mouth coming of the Austin screwjob of the year before. Fields to Woods, along with a couple of Luke Phillips kicks put OSU up 16-14 at the half. The Cowboy defense however, gave up 27 unanswered points in the 3rd quarter and the Longhorns left Stilly on a 55-16 rout.


The Cowboys built a 35-7 lead in the first half on the shoulders of Quarterback Donovan Woods and Vernand Morency. OSU lead 35-14 at halftime. That was all she wrote though as the Cowboys ended up losing the game 56-35. Cedric Benson had FIVE rushing touchdowns.  It was the biggest comeback in Longhorn history and was perhaps the most stunning loss for Oklahoma State ever - up until that point.


Gundy's first game against UT as head coach. Would the curse continue? The #1 ranked Longhorns came to Stillwater and the Cowboys once again came out firing and built a 28-9 lead. I remember the first touchdown of this game - A 4th and 1 play action bomb from Al Pena to D'Juan Woods. Unfortunately, Vince Young came out in the second half blazing and absolutely scorched the OSU defense for 35 unanswered points. Texas ended up winning 47-28. Answer to the question? Yes.


The Cowboys took an early lead in this game and were up 35–14 to start the fourth quarter. Then, Texas ripped off THREE touchdowns in 8 minutes to tie the game at 35. They kickeda field goal for the win with time expiring.  It was the biggest fourth quarter comeback in Texas Longhorn history and coincidentally, it was also the biggest buzzkill in Cincy Joe history. I remember driving home in a state of depression after taking almost 10 "celebratory" shots throughout the afternoon. What was I thinking?


Another hard fought game in Austin against the #1 ranked Longhorns but OSU could never take control of the game. The Texas defense was able to limit Zac Robinson and Dez Bryant and #7 OSUleft with yet another loss.


A 41-14 ass kicking in Stillwater. And the story continues...

So should Oklahoma State win this game? Absolutely. My money though, will be on the Longhorns.

I've seen this movie before.