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Who is Oklahoma State's Most Promising Freshman?

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Okay look, this is a blog, and as such we must abide by Article 3A in the blogpact that states: "All blogs must unceasingly maintain a pace of ONE (1) in FIVE (5) posts being dedicated to determining who is the best or worst in some category". And since we already know who the best/worst in the following categories are:

  • "Big XII athlete who throws most like he has a leg where his right arm should be": Daniel Kuehl
  • "City that offers more excitement than any other city in the world": Cincinnati
  • "The two most impressive performances by Big XII coaches this season?": Stoops and Pinkle

...I figured we might as well go with the 4th best category and decide who the most promising BSDITS freshman is. (I should note that I was originally going to go with "Freshman of the Year", but I'm pretty sure that based on this seasons performances Joseph Randle would run away with that award.) So which freshman do we think has shown the most potential for building on the success they have shown this season, and looks most likely to become a standout over the next few years? My reasons for voting for each candidate are listed below... place your votes.

Justin Gilbert (6-0, 194, CB)
Has battled injuries since coming into the season with much fanfare and coach drool all over him after fall practices. When healthy, Justin has seen a lot of action in the secondary, and showed what he can do in the return game last week with that world-class-speed-showcasing kick return TD.

Michael Harrison (6-1, 212, WR)
10 catches, 109 yards, 3 TDs... including a couple of very nice jump ball TDs in the ULL and K-State games where he showed excellent body control and physicality (hott!). Michael looks to have the raw skill set of a future #1 WR if he continues to develop.

Devin Hedgepeth (5-11, 185, CB)
Has been thrust into the regular rotation in the secondary... and while probably the "weak link" at CB right now, he is only a freshman and his cover skills and ability to tackle in space have steadily improved throughout the season. He also had a breakout game against Troy as he single-handedly saved 2 TDs... one with his athletic cover skills, and the other with a hard-hit forcing a fumble at the goal-line.... also, he is fast as shit.

Shaun Lewis (5-11, 212, OLB)
Now a two-time starter as he has taken that WLB spot from James Thomas. Given Shaun's performances up to that point, everyone knew it was just a matter of time before he was the starter. Shaun's closing speed and nose for the ball have lead to some spectacular plays this season... most notably the pick in the A&M game that set up the game-winning FG.

Joseph Randle (6-0, 193, RB)
396 rushing yards (5.7 ypc), and 1 TD, and 22 catches for 278 yards and a TD. The only thing that needs to be said about Joe is that there have been 2 games this season where he has looked better than Kendall (Baylor, Tech), forcing Mr. Hunter to the bench during key series.

Bobby Stonebraker (6-0, 178, P/K)
His name is Bobby Stonebraker.